Welcome to CLS Custom - made Language Study

CLS means custom-made language study learning center. It is purposely designed for students who are interested in learning another language at their own pace. It doesn't matter whether you have some or little understanding of the language, as long as you have the interest to learn and want to continue studying the other language, our center will gladly provide the service to you. We have many experienced teachers at our center to find you the appropriate or most suitable method to help you master your new language. The most important goal of our teachers at this center is to provide the best teaching strategy catered to your needs.

CLS learning center provides Japanese, Mandarin, English, Korean and other language courses. Students acquire practical knowledge of the vocabulary, pronunciation and communication skills, using general or business contexts and real life situations. Our goal isto meet the student's individual needs and purpose of learning the language.

Based on our teaching approach, CLS lessons focus on small ratio classes (1 - 5 students per class), which ensures better teacher-student interaction. We believe that small group settings give students better chances of improving their language ability and skills.